Africa gets lion’s share of largest radio telescope

Mrs Naledi Pandor, South African Minister of Science and Technology. Credit: GCIS

There was jubilation in South Africa and Australia as the results of the bidding process for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) was announced last week. Both nations had put together highly praised bids for the largest radio telescope installation in the world...


The project was awarded to both nations ad their partner countries, splitting the project into two parts. This Solomon type judgment was hailed by scientists, who thought it was wise and provided opportunities for further expansion.

Speaking to New Europe, Prof. Roy Booth of the South African SKA Project was delighted, "For South Africa, it's a very good result, we're probably getting 70% - 80% of the project in Africa, but equally we're all very pleased that the project has been split and one side hasn't been cut off. We're a community of friends in radio astronomy and we're very glad that we can continue to work together."

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