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Back You are here: Home Global News News U.S.A. U.S.A. President Obama praises U.S. medical workers for their ‘incredible heroism’

President Obama praises U.S. medical workers for their ‘incredible heroism’

Doctors and nurses who recently returned from West Africa were on hand Wednesday when the President lauded them at the White House.

Obama stressed that the U.S. ‘remain focused on the facts and science’ when it comes to Ebola. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said U.S. troops returning from West Africa will be held in isolation for 21 days to make sure they don’t have the disease.

The President sent some 1,000 troops to West Africa to help combat the disease. Those returning soldiers will now serve out a 21-day isolation upon arriving back in the U.S.

President Obama lauded the U.S. doctors and nurses who fought Ebola in West Africa for their “incredible heroism” Wednesday and said “they deserve to be treated like the heroes they are” when they come home.

Obama said the Ebola epidemic will end and that potentially hundreds of thousands of lives will be saved.

“I put those on notice who think we should hide from these problems: that's not who we are, that's not who I am, that's not who these folks are," he said.

Obama shook hands with each worker, reinforcing his constant refrain that Americans have overreacted in some instances.

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