International Municipal Collaboration

Connecting Municipalities for Balanced Development


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Becoming a Member

IMC provides pro­grams and activ­it­ies that are designed and con­duc­ted by experts and professionals.

Mem­ber­ship in IMC provides access to a world­wide net­work of more than 8,000 individuals. Members vary from muni­cip­al­it­ies around the world; they span various industries they are employed in gov­ern­ment agencies and con­sult­ing firms, they are research analysis, aca­demic professionals, and legal counsel. IMC members engage in the exchange of muni­cip­al­it­ies’ core tech­nical, edu­ca­tional, train­ing and capa­city build­ing efforts. IMC supports human cap­ital devel­op­ment, work­force devel­op­ment, fin­an­cial and mana­gerial growth and development.