Responses and Expected Benefits

The proposed program is an effort to introduce and support a positive change in Sub-Saharan Africa Municipalities project management and implementation by tackling the major constraints with a focus on sustaining the project longevity and community benefit goals and objectives underscored by the mission of the Millennium Development Goals.

Expected results will provide harmonization and rationalization of community based project management and implementation action activities. Furthermore, the program will provide standards for project results management as an integral component of physical design planning and construction guidelines, while creating a rationale basis for indication of the criteria for developing congruent, appropriate community based activities and valuation of project effectiveness and deliverables.


The program will facilitate opportunities for the following:


In addition, the program will enhance Community Action Plan (CAP) activities, including gender equity and equality, and effective participation of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), religious organizations and business community. Also, the program will include full public participation implementation processes, education and public awareness.